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Like a trusted extra crewmember always ready to take the helm, Simrad marine autopilot solutions free your hands from the wheel so you can relax and easily operate other instruments while underway.

With our modular components, you can build an autopilot system in just a few steps:

  • Select a drive unit compatible with your boat’s steering system.
  • Choose a rudder feedback unit, or Simrad Virtual Rudder Feedback.
  • Select the autopilot computer that matches your drive unit.
  • Choose how you want to control your autopilot system – from dedicated controllers to Simrad multifunction display integration.

We make it easy with a range of complete, full-featured AP44 system kits, and core-component packs (just choose a drive unit and controller). Offering great value for smaller powerboats, Simrad Outboard Pilot and DrivePilot™ packs include complete autopilot systems designed exclusively for on-screen control from your existing Simrad multifunction display.

Drive Units

A drive unit moves the rudder or outboard. A rudder feedback measures the position of the rudder. Both work with an autopilot computer to control a vessel’s steering. The units you need depend on the size of your boat and the sort of steering system it has.

Drive unit for marine autopilots


Autopilot Computer

The autopilot computer sits below deck and is the core part of an auto steering system. It takes your current heading and rudder position, works out how to move the rudder or outboard, and relays steering information to controllers and displays.

Marine autopilot computers


Autopilot Controller

Choose a dedicated Autopilot Controller and display, integrate with multifunction displays, and add wired or remote controllers for maximum ease of use and convenience.

Controller for marine autopilots

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